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We offer full, professional racquet servicing:

From stringing and re-gripping, to full swingweight/weight/balance matching of racquets, all of our work is done with a commitment to the highest degree of accuracy and consistency.

We use only the highest quality stringing machine - the Wilson Baiardo. Our machines are cleaned on a regular basis, sometimes several times each day, to ensure consistent results, and longer lasting string jobs. They are regularly checked for correct calibration using highly accurate scales - accurate to 1/100th of a pound.

We are one of a small number of shops with the equipment and knowledge to measure and accurately adjust the racquets weight, balance, and swingweight.

We have full-time stringers on hand at all times, and offer very short turnaround on restringing - almost always the same day, most times in about an hour, and sometimes in as little as 20 minutes.

We make every effort to string newly purchased racquets at the time of purchase - we want you to be able to play with your racquet the same day that you buy it.